You are welcome to share my tubes but please, leave the filename, the watermark intact, don't upload them on any website to download.

You can use my tubes for personal use (Stationary, Tags, IM letters, etc..) but, don't allow altering them into misted tubes for tutorials and I don't allow to use them on any Tutorial site where you have to pay to gain acces to the tutorial.

Each graphic is the sole property of the original artist
to whom the copyright belongs and,
must not be placed in a collection or offered to sale


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flor de loto
medio melocoton
mujer mangas
en naranja
buen chico de rosa y tul encaje
cara taburete chico culto
guerrera pelirroja con corse con sombrero
mariposa barcos pajaro
rosa mariposa birgueria
modelo 3 modelo 4 modelo 5
modelo 1 modelo 2 modelo 6


1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

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